cloud calling

Cloud Calling is a new initiative from Lace Marketing.  The basics are simple, just like Cloud Computing you get to turn the resource up and down as much as you like.  Whilst still getting the same end product, in this case leads.  You have none of the back end head ache, you just get the end product, leads!

For Lace Marketing a lead is; “a meeting or webinar, with a decision maker, who has a budgeted project in your area, within the next 12 months”.

So what does Cloud Calling deliver?

  • Trained graduate staff, trained to your message, experienced in booking appointments in the IT sector.
  • A fully managed call centre, with call statistics and management in place
  • Recruitment and management of all staff
  • Detailed qualified data of over 50,000 IT contacts in the UK
  • Ability to have dedicated staff on your project every day
  • Detailed CRM able to target any vertical or geography in the UK

What do you see?

  • One supplier that services your company with leads
  • A burstable resource where you can increase or decrease the usage based on demand
  • No upfront start-up cost, just a flat fee, pay as you go
  • Cloud Calling is available from £3,500 per month plus VAT

So if you are looking for a way of building your sales pipeline, without taking the risk of starting an internal telemarketing team.

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