I had a car accident last Monday. No one was hurt. All is OK. I am now receiving phones calls, “we see you have been in an accident”. I have questioned where they have got my details from and who they are, the caller hangs up.

One could argue these are just chancers. Ringing every mobile number, hoping I have had a recent accident on 23rd January. From running a cold calling agency this is quite a gamble to take.

There are two parties that have these details. My insurer, esure. Or the third party’s insurer Direct Line. One of these parties (or both) are being hacked. This could be an external source going in and taking the data. It could be a trusted user taking the data and selling it. I don’t feel the companies are selling the data, that is more than their brand is worth, surely?

This happened before as well, my car was hit in the car park last year. I received the same calls.

Staff in these companies are a constant threat to take and sell such data from the organisation. Are those IT departments doing all they can to protect their customers?