I am 30, I can now talk about “young people”. This summer lots of graduates, school leavers and others will be looking for employment. Here is how I see it, in the entry level:

Companies have a job specification for the role, they then have a person specification of the qualities and qualifications they want the ideal candidate to have. You should have the same. What do you want? Answer these questions:

Company size, do you want a massive company where you can move around and learn the ropes. Or a smaller company where the heat may be on a bit more, but you will know the MD and the cleaner?

Your boss, did you like them in the interview? As a person? If not, should you take the job?

The role, you can get a role in recruitment this afternoon, easy. But what role do you want? Is it something you like or believe in?

Apprenticeships, ask one question, do you need the qualification, or is this just a way for your employer to pay you a deplorable wage?

You will learn one thing as you get older, it is not all about the money. Take £5k as the difference between two roles. That is about £18.20 a working day. That is the difference between being happy and miserable. The chances are the difference won’t be as large as £5k.

If you are going into a sales role. Ask how much people currently earn in that role today. Last 3 months, examples. Not what the top guy earns, not what you might earn next year if you spend enough time perfecting your career laugh at the Sales Director’s jokes. Ask how much the normal people earn today. That is what you will get.

Tax, as a rule of thumb, people new into the job market don’t understand this. If you are earning £20k, take off 16%, that will be the NI and tax deductions. Google “income tax calculator”, this will give you an accurate idea.

Last thing, if you are unsure, don’t take the job. You have lived for 3 years in poverty, another few weeks won’t matter.