It is hard to write this piece and not be political or one sided. However I feel it is an interesting case based upon the current skill shortage in cyber security.

Lauri Love is a UK based hacktivist. He allegedly has gained access to the secret systems of FBI, US Central Bank, US Missile Agency, US Army and NASA. There are currently no UK charges for his activities. It is understood that he is a member of the group, Anonymous. Historically when she was Home Secretary Theresa May has blocked an extradition of another hacktivist on health grounds, it is argued the same should be done with Lauri Love.

I however disagree. We need this man and people like him. He has a brain capable of hacking into some of the most complex systems in the world. He was able to access data that other global super powers would love to have access to.

I would argue in time his activities will be celebrated, not demonised.

Forget Lauri Love. I would argue that the perception of hackers needs to change. Instead of offering a plea bargain, 99 years for a trial, 10 years for a guilty plea. Why not offer these people a free pass, if they go clean and join the good side? Helping organisations and governments keep our data safe?

Just a thought? How much would Tesco Bank pay today to have Lauri Love penetration test their systems?