I think there are a lot of myths around Christmas and how it effects marketing. We notice a slowdown from mid to late November in contracts being ordered. This can run into the second week of January. Why?

Annual Leave – There seems to be a general perception that decision makers take the whole of December off for Christmas. This is not true. As a rule of thumb write off 20th December to 2nd January, but that is it. Who books 9th December off?

Budget – The clear majority of organisations run either a calendar year budget or a tax year one. So year end (budget burn) or new year (budget renewal) is likely to happen in this half of the year. This is the time to get the last bit of this years’ budget, or book your place on next years’ roster.

January – Slow start. I can understand that if you want to launch a campaign to get it ordered, briefed and going on the morning of 3rd January maybe be a tough task. So why not order and brief it before Christmas so you are ready to go? Maybe even beating competition to the market…

I feel there is a lot of perpetuating the myth that Christmas is a vast long period. It even seems to be a growing period year on year (or am I just grumpy?) If you buy into that from a marketing perspective, it may be your turkey and your Q1 pipeline that is under done.