In outsourced telemarketing there are two reasons people employ an agency. One, because they believe it gets them more sales. Two, because there are few other ways to spend that amount of allocated marketing funds! Let’s just focus on the basic belief it works.

Pause your cynical side, believe it works. What shall we do then? How do we work out what success is?

Recruitment – I feel 1 in 3 recruits into telemarketing works. If you are experienced in recruitment (specifically for these job roles) you can get to 1 in 2. If you are a bit of a lucky dip recruiter it is 1 in 5 or more. Let’s say a telemarketer costs £2,500 to employ a month. If you are at 1 in 3, realistically getting someone up to speed is a £4-6k investment.

Infrastructure – Data, phone system, CRM, reporting etc. This stuff is expensive. Particularly for the first head. I always argue you need a team of 4 or 5 minimum to make this work. Without it the actual resource themselves won’t work.

Matrix – Well how do I set a target to achieve success? Here is the Lace Marketing formula. 130 calls a day, minimum 10 (ideally 14, probably 12) leads a month, based on working 18 days a month, broadly a lead per 200 calls, a lead every day and a half. This is for experienced staff, 3 months+ into the job.

So if you want to start a telemarketing team. This is the plan.

  1. Get a manager
  2. Recruit badly
  3. Recruit better
  4. Set up a system with process and infrastructure
  5. Set up a matrix
  6. Tweek your matrix
  7. Re-recruit
  8. Get the product you want – 2 years later

The main reason to do it internally is to bring new staff through. That is a by-product of the above, not a legitimate target. It is also another blog…